Taste of Greece

Enjoy the delicious tastes of Greece right here in Dallas. No passport needed! The Festival offers a variety of authentic foods and treats made with love by our own Greek chefs from recipes passed through the generations.

Festival Feasts

Now there are two! Braised Greek green beans in tomato sauce star in two fresh new options, one served with chicken and Greek lemon potatoes, the other featuring meatballs on a bed of orzo.

Sweets & Sips

Stop in the Kaffenio under the tent for coffee and pastries. Recharge on frothy Greek (or American) coffee, refreshing frappes, and irresistible Loukoumades (Greek-style honey balls that can't be beat!), Baklava and Baklava Sundaes.

The Festival Taverna

The taverna is iconic in Greek culture and now you can experience the ambience at the festival. An extension of the Beverage Bar, the Festival Taverna is the place to find Greek wine and beer along with spirited discussion and, when so inspired, dance!

The Tastes of Greece — A La Carte!

Enjoy one taste sensation after another:

  • Feta Bites are back! These delicious morsels are panko crusted, fried golden brown and served with a choice of roasted fig jam or orange marmalade glaze. Mmmm.
  • Lamb Sliders — Sliced hot off the rotisserie and kissed with tzatziki sauce, leg of lamb sliders are pure melt in your mouth deliciousness.
  • The Personal Pastitso – A flavorful mix of pasta, beef and b├ęchamel, sized to be your very own.
  • Greek Sausage (or Loukaniko), Chicken Souvlaki, and Pork Souvlaki — grilled to perfection over an open fire and served with tantalizing Tzatziki sauce and warm pita bread.
  • Gyro, freshly sliced off an upright rotisserie and topped with Tzatziki
  • An array of delicacies including Dolmas (herbed rice & beef rolled in a grape leaf), Spanakopita and Tiropita, (spinach and cheese tucked into filo and baked to a turn.
  • Greek Fries — seasoned to perfection.
  • Freshly tossed Greek Salad.
  • Appetizer plate of creamy spreads, pita, feta & olives.