Music, Dancing and More!

Spirited Music and Dance!

The renowned New York-based, Greek band, Thymios, will set the festival tone for spirited music and dance (and plate smashing!). Expect the pace to be lively and the party to be spontaneous! Keep an eye on center stage where the Festival Dancers — all parishioners of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church — bring dance traditions from throughout Greece to life.

Go ahead! Follow the beat onto the dance floor and be inspired by your inner Zorba. OPA!

Traditional Greek Folk Dancers

The Greek Dancers are part of a dance group called the Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers. Practicing and performing year-round, they play an important role in preserving traditional Greek dance customs.

In Greece today, and in Greek communities abroad, traditional dances are still passed from generation to generation. Some of these not widely known local dances are at risk to become forgotten. Fortunately, there are systematic efforts of local organizations, like our own, to encourage older people to pass their talent and knowledge to the next generation. The dances Holy Trinity Hellenic Dancers will be performing are from various regions of Greece —from the mountains of Epirus to the shores of the Dodecanese Islands.

Please visit this page in September for the Music & Dancing Schedule.